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What Divorce Lawyers Don't Want You to Know

There are many things divorce lawyers do not want you to know about. And I am not talking about what the law is regarding grounds for divorce, financial matters, and parenting issues. My focus, as well, goes beyond the legal procedures - the pleadings, disclosure, negotiation, and trial. I am referring to things operating in the shadows that people will not learn about until it is too late.

✔ Requiring References
✔ Alternatives to Litigation
✔ Negotiating Retainer Agreements
✔ Avoiding Time and Money Pitfalls 


Although I have been practicing law since 1983, it was not until 1999 when the way I practiced matrimonial and family law began to transform to better serve my clients. In 1999, in addition to maintaining a private practice, I began doing volunteer work at the Coalition for Family Justice (“CFJ”). This not-for-profit organization is dedicated not only to helping people who are going through a divorce, but also to reforming the family law system to promote fairness, accountability, affordability and transparency. I believe the divorce and family law system should be serving YOU - the clients, consumers, and taxpayers of the legal system – and NOT the lawyers, judges, and others who administer it...


I provide consulting, mediation, and litigation services.  As a lawyer, I help clients to negotiate and finalize Separation Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements, Stipulations or other marital documents without the need for any litigation.

As a litigator, I represent people in the Supreme Court or Family Court on various matters including Domestic ViolenceParenting Matters, Property Rights, Spousal and Child Support Matters.

As a consultant, I offer an assessment of a case or strategy for people who are working with another divorce lawyer; guide people who are representing themselves (“pro se”) in court; or advise individuals who are in mediation with another mediator.

As mediator, I act as a neutral person helping a couple to reach a fair settlement agreement.

Whether you use my services as an attorney, litigator, consultant, or mediator, you will be provided with the sort of personal and individualized attention needed to help you address your particular situation. 



I've recently relocated my office from Briarcliff Manor to Peekskill, NY. My new address is:
200 Fort Hill Road, #312, Peekskill, NY 10566.