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A few times a year, I offer free seminars on “What Lawyers & Judges Don’t Want You to Know (Navigating through the Divorce and Family Courts)”, or on “The Nuts, Bolts and Monkey Wrenches of Divorce”.

These seminars will inform and educate people not only about “the law” but also about how to avoid many of the pitfalls of the divorce and family law “process”. The serious need for these seminars, and my desire to engage people in “preventive law” (avoiding problems) came about as a result of my many years of volunteer work and ongoing involvement with the Coalition for Family Justice, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting fairness, accountability, transparency, and affordability in the divorce and family law system, as well as helping people going through that system.

Below is a description of some of the topics included in my seminars.

“What Lawyers and Judges Don’t Want You to Know”

  • The reason for this seminar
  • Finding the Right Lawyer or Mediator/Professional
    • Avoiding grief with a lawyer…
    • How to ask for references from a lawyer
  • After You Find a Lawyer, What Should You Do Next Before Retaining Them?
    • Get another or second opinion
    • Don't be in a rush to sign the retainer agreement
    • A retainer agreement is a contract that should be negotiated
  • Negotiating the Retainer Agreement
    • Critique of an actual retainer agreement
  • After You've Retained an Attorney, What Should You NOT Do?
    • (The "retaining lien")
  • Other Situations To Be Concerned About
    • "Attorneys Only Conferences" "Stipulations of Settlement Put on the Record"

“The Nuts, Bolts and Monkey Wrenches of Divorce”

  • Preface (Addiction and Marriage Counseling)
  • Ways of Resolving Marital Issues for Purposes of Separation or Divorce
  • Planning Ahead
  • Divorce Actions/Grounds
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Parenting Matters
  • Child Support
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Counsel Fees
  • "Stipulations of Settlement Put on the Record"
The most recent seminar was on October 21, 2020. Please check back periodically for the next scheduled seminar.

Some Seminar Testimonials

“Fantastic & greatly appreciated.  Should be mandated attendance at a seminar of this type for all who are considering a divorce.”

"My second time through this seminar and still walking away with pertinent information."

"Fantastic seminar--very valuable information backed by a one of a kind manual preparing us for the real world court experience."

"I wish I came to this [seminar] sooner!"

“Thank you for a comprehensive, well organized and extremely informative seminar.  I especially appreciated the professional’s candor.”

“Helped me from making some mistakes as a pro se defendant.”

“This seminar was the most informative session I’ve ever attended.”

“Good Information that was well presented.”

“Invaluable in understanding unknown waters and how to navigate them.”

"John made complicated matters easy to understand in lay person's language."

"Very eye opening and educational."

"The material was very well prepared and presented."

“It's nice to know there is a person like you that's willing to help and teach this information."

"Very relevant and helpful material delivered in a systematic and friendly way."

"More seminars!  Thank you. It was very informative and helpful!  I regret not coming before I started my divorce."

"This was a superb seminar.  Would highly recommend."

"Excellent information in easy to understand language."

"This was a most informative and thorough session."

"I appreciated that you answered individual questions."

"John was excellent, professional, sensitive with a sense of humor."

"Informative, empowering, enlightening."

"Very well delivered and written materials were outstanding."

"Extremely concise and informative for all contemplating divorce proceedings."

"I went to this seminar twice and got a lot out of it both times."

"Job well done.  The seminar was both informative and interesting."

"I enjoyed the seminar and appreciate all the time, effort and knowledge shared."

"I have been empowered."

"Extremely useful and helpful in my being able to advise patients in the beginning stages of divorce and to be aware of the pitfalls."

"Great information for anyone to have before proceeding with a divorce…"

"Wish my spouse took the seminar."

"I found this very helpful, even though I have been divorced.  It made clear some of the things I experienced."

“…This seminar is “a must” for anyone contemplating a divorce, and is different from any other seminar you will likely encounter.  Here’s a lawyer able and willing to explain many of the things about the divorce and family law process that lawyers and judges do not want you to know about.  It’s refreshing, honest, and clearly and simply presented.  You will leave the seminar feeling empowered…Do not be one of the unlucky ones who already went through the divorce and family law system and wished they knew then what they learned through this seminar.”   Monica Getz, President, National Coalition for Family Justice

“Thank you so much for conducting your workshop to the Separation and Divorce Recovery Group...  The feedback was very positive.  Those who have already gone through the legal process said that they wished they had your guidance years ago.  Your handout was very informative for all members…Based upon the effect of your workshop, I would like to invite you to conduct your workshop periodically…Once again, we are very appreciative of your guidance.”  Mary Petrovich, Facilitator

“I thought the material covered in the workshop was excellent, and the handouts were outstanding…I only heard positive responses, and all of the evaluation sheets were marked “excellent.”  Great job, and please keep in touch…”  Fran Davies, Program Director, North Castle Public Library