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“Mr. Rubin exceeded my expectations. Through his research he uncovered items that helped me obtain assets in full… Mr. Rubin devotes time and attention to the client. He is compassionate to how difficult divorce can be and is extremely knowledgeable of matrimonial law, as well as other areas of law that are utilized during a divorce action. Mr. Rubin offers all options during your conversations along with a thorough explanation so a client can make an informed decision regarding their case.”

“John Rubin successfully liberated me from a very toxic marriage. He has taught me how to value my worth and stand up for myself. I am, and forever will be, beyond grateful for retaining him as my divorce lawyer… My gratitude for your services are beyond words alone.”

“Mr. Rubin is very organized and pays attention to details. He doesn’t treat you as, “just another case or client.” He gets to know you and works with you in order to achieve the best outcome.”

“Thank you for your time today. I left your office feeling more knowledgeable than when I arrived. I do not leave my current attorney’s office feeling that way… You took the time to explain things, which if he had done in the first place, I would have had more of an understanding of the process”

“Mr. Rubin exceeded my expectations… I wish I had hired him from the commencement of my divorce. Mr. Rubin was thoughtful, professional and proactive. He answered calls, emails, and all correspondence promptly. He explained things so I can understand, even if he had to repeat himself several times. He was sensitive to my feelings of anxiety and worry.”

“Very professional at all times…”

“Mr. John Rubin, in my opinion, has been fair and trustworthy. To date, he has proven to be a professional whose sole interest is not the “finances” but the assistance he can provide during a critical period in one's situation. All I have is praise for Mr. Rubin – not only is he an honorable person, he is knowledgeable of the law and the processes of the court system.”

“My then wife and I had retained a team of mediators consisting of a lawyer and a licensed clinical social worker. After many months we were not making progress and I joined the CFJ and met Mr. Rubin. After several months, when I became comfortable with him, I made an appointment to see Mr. Rubin…and he advised me to continue mediation…My ex-wife and I persevered with difficulty, and we finally reached, with John’s help in the background, a mediated agreement.”
B.G. Tarrytown

“Mr. Rubin took time to understand my case. He advised and encouraged me to pursue my case fairly and diligently. Mr. Rubin is very knowledgeable in regards to matrimonial law.”
M.R., Hastings

“John was professional, knowledgeable and thorough in all his dealings with my case. His expertise and understanding of the law was very comforting to me at such a difficult time.”
V.S., Croton-on-Hudson

“John truly has the best interest for his client and never took advantage of prolonging a situation like most attorneys do to squeeze more $. There were many instances where I was making emotional decisions…and good thing John was representing me to consult. Saved me more money and a headache in the long run.”
S.W., White Plains

“John’s zealous representation of his clients is bound within a core of incredible intellect, strategy, integrity, groundedness and more. As a human being, there is a deep kindness, respect and caring with those he works. Collectively, he inspires trust and confidence. John expects a lot from his clients, as he does from himself, but all to appropriately represent their interests. As an attorney, his capabilities are rare in this profession, generally, and in this area of the law specifically. I could never have had better representation.”
L.J., White Plains

“John was my lawyer for 7 very difficult years. Following what was a reasonable and relatively easy divorce my ex embarked on a campaign of frivolous litigation that covered nearly every type of matrimonial litigation possible, including but not limited to custody, modification, plenary actions. In all cases we prevailed. During that time my ex went through 8 different lawyers. I retained John throughout because he always demonstrated the highest levels of service and effectiveness. John is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him.”
T.O., Irvington

“You have been a very trustworthy and good lawyer without unnecessary drama or crisis. In a time of legal battles such as I and my friends must navigate, your direct and organized manner is a breath of fresh air…Thank you for your work.”
G.F., Ossining

“I started the process out with an attorney who shall remain nameless because I was not very pleased with her work. She took a somewhat amicable divorce and tried to make it contentious. I believe she did this with the intent of trying to draw out the process. I also found she wasn’t really listening to what I wanted for myself and my children…It was an act of fate that I met John Rubin. Immediately I knew John was a better fit for me. As a lawyer and a mediator, he understood exactly where I was coming from. I had actually wanted to go the mediation route initially but my ex didn’t want that and insisted we both have separate attorneys…This is not to say that John didn’t fight for me. Because of John I was able to keep my house…There was a tremendous victory not just for myself but again for my daughters. They had lost so much. With John’s help, I was able to maintain their stability during a terrible time and work towards putting myself back on my feet…John is very fair. I never felt overcharged by him…He is always easy to reach by phone. He is very professional. He listened to what I said. He was open and straight forward with his own feedback. Even my ex’s lawyer said that he was impressed by John’s work.”
M. J., Pleasantville

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you have given to my daughter...I use many attorneys in my business, and it is rare to find, in today's world, such cooperation from counsel as you have shown. You have certainly lived up to your reputation of caring and complete integrity, without greed. Thank you again."
B.W., Roslyn

“I was very happy with my decision to use John as my lawyer. I feel he is very fair, honest, easy to work with and made a difficult process as easy as it could be. He always returned my calls and explained the process in terms that I could easily understand.”
M. L., Dobbs Ferry

“I cannot begin to express the appreciation that I have for Mr. John Rubin. He took me by the hand and guided me through the turbulent waters of my divorce. He was always the professional…He consistently kept in contact, informing me step by step of what to expect…Mr. Rubin enabled me to remain calm throughout the entire ordeal. I cannot thank him enough for that. He helped me to maintain the priorities I had set for my children and myself…He is also highly respected and praised by many of his peers. On numerous occasions, I was asked by other attorneys who was my attorney, when I answered, John Rubin, they would tell me I was in good hands. I already had come to the conclusion that was indeed the truth…thank-you from the bottom of my heart. You were that shelter from the storm when it was needed.”
D. B., Wappengers Falls

“Mr. Rubin was professional and considerate to me and my needs. This was a difficult case and I never felt that my needs were not met.”
F.P. New Rochelle

“John Rubin is an honest, fair and highly competent attorney. He is very accessible to his client and explains all matters thoroughly in a non-judgmental way.”
C. A. H., Dobbs Ferry

“Just want to thank you for your help and expert guidance, you made my life easier, just wish I’d found you the first time around.”
N. R., Ossining

“Thank you ever so much for all you have done for me and my daughters. This past year has been an emotionally and physically draining battle…I will continue to pursue my wish to raise my daughters in an environment they are truly deserving of. One without fear and violence. I owe them the right to experience the innocence of childhood. I thank God for allowing me to be guided to you. I will always be grateful for your patience when my insecurities (fears) became overwhelming to me… Your encouragement to continue to seek justice will forever be remembered.”
C. O., Yonkers

"Whilst going through the unfortunate experience of a terribly acrimonious and lengthy divorce, John Rubin has, unlike other matrimonial attorneys, been responsive, patient and supportive. If anyone does ask for an attorney or mediator, he really is the only person that I would feel comfortable recommending."
J.S., Irvington

“Very thorough!”
M. R., White Plains

“Mr. Rubin went above and beyond the call and was very fair during [the] mediation process and after. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing his specified services.”
M.W., Briarcliff

“An honest and upstanding lawyer/person.”
I. E., Rye

“I appreciate that Mr. Rubin helped me do some work up front before I paid the retainer fee…”
A.M., Cortlandt Manor

“Thanks with your patience with our decision making time. You were a pleasure to work with.”
R.S., Bronxville

“Appreciated [Mr. Rubin’s] sensitivity to our unique inter-cultural issues.”
S. G., Scarsdale

“Thanks for all your help…All in all it went pretty smoothly and quickly compared to what it could have been!”
S.D., Peekskill

“Mr. Rubin is a very respectful, professional and great lawyer. It was thanks to him that I can have peace of mind.”
C.L., Ossining

“After a long and bitter custody battle, my ex husband and his lawyer were able to manipulate the family court system so that he gained custody of our daughter for 4 years. Because of the nature of my case, no lawyer wanted to touch the case without an exuberant retainer. When I went to Mr. Rubin, he agreed to do hours of pro bono work to prepare for an appeal. In December 2009, the Family Court reunited me with my daughter when I was awarded residential custody. I truly do not believe this would have been possible without the help of John Rubin. He is dedicated, caring, and extremely knowledgeable about matrimonial, divorce and custody issues.”
L. J., White Plains